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Proposed solution for WS-I Web Services:

The default solution for asynchronous services in the WS stack is to use callback operations Download. In the bioinformatics domain we can not assume that client would have the possibility to expose an external service interface, this does not seem like a viable solution for now.

A solution based on polling Download is more light-weight since it does not assume that a client exposes a service interface. As there are no available generalized standards for such an interface, we are free to define one. One solution is to use the  SoapLab async. interface, which is from LSAE and it is  described in the soaplab documentation. For WSDL-described services it would be useful if it were defined in a WSDL file, which should be reused as much as possible, and then imported into the WSDL of the service you wish to provide a async interface to (see example below Download). WSDL 2.0 helps a lot in this area, since it extends WSDL WS description capabilities to  REST world.

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