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This is just a brief summary of web service integration discussions between R. Bruskiewich (IRRI), National Institute for Agrobiological Sciences (NIAS) and MAFFIN in Tsukuba (Wed. 13 February 2008)

Ontology Collaboration

  • Japanese contributions to Agrovoc (Agricultural Thesaurus) + Japanese language
    • How to facilitate usage of ontology?
    • Share GCP platform support for ontology + multilingual support with Japanese researchers in this area (could be a collaboration through NIAS)?

Web services Wrapping of Japanese Agriculture (mostly Rice) Databases

  • for connection to the  International Rice Functional Genomics Consortium (IRFGC) rice web services network.
    • Preliminary answers to the following technical issues:
      • what data (types) will be shared from which databases?
      • what some of the research "use cases" will be (i.e. services to be implemented)?
      • who will specifically be able to contribute technically to the implementation?
      • what preferred languages (Perl, Java) will be used to create the web service providers?
      • what preferred database access technologies might be used (e.g. for Java (JDBC, Hibernate, or ????)?
      • practical issues relating to web service architecture: will there be dedicated server? proxies, firewalls?
  • Action: Martin Senger to return to Japan for web services “implementation” visit based on web service use cases to be documented over coming month.