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Service provider workgroup

Here, we gather the major web service providers including BioMOBY projects and EBI, NCBI, and Japanese providers such as DDBJ, KEGG, PDBj, and CBRC.

  • Discuss current problems existing in each services:
    • Language dependencies
    • Naming conventions
    • Returned data type
    • Returned data size
    • Job managements
    • WSDL syntax violations
    • Timeouts
    • Sync and async
    • MIME attachments
    • Not implemented yet
  • How to integrate non-MOBY web service providers?
    • What kind of effort is needed to compromise with BioMOBY framework?
  • How to improve interoperability among the services?
    • Do you need proxy server to translate objects among services?
    • Object identity matching problem (LSID, BioMOBY)