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BioHackathon 2008 meeting topics

New version

  • Writing (creating) interoperable workflows - Tom Oinn, Stuart Owen
  • Writing the manifesto

Old version : Proposed by the organizers

List of tentative meeting topics for the web service providers, the Open Bio* developers, the workflow client developers, and the BioMOBY project:

You can freely add your proposals here.

  • Exchangeformat_workgroup
    • Bio* clients <-> WSDL or BioMOBY objects <-> BioSQL/OBO
      • Sequences, Phyloinformatics, Glycoinformatics, Interaction network, DAS annotations, ...
  • Semanticweb_workgroup
    • SSWAP, OWL-DL, ...
  • PhyloWS_workgroup
    • Web-Services API for querying taxonomic databases and databases of phylogenetic trees
    • Using SOAP, REST, and/or BioMOBY
  • Distributed storage - initiative (BIO.SLURP)
  • Distributed services - initiative (BIO.ORG.ANISM)