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Most of the discussions at this hackathon deal with technology issues relating to interoperability. A few of the discussions are discuss OpenBio?* "platform specific implementations" - language APIs (BioRuby, BioJava?, BioPerl?, etc.), web service protocols (BioMoby? et. al.) and database implementations (i.e. BioSQL). A general issue relating to harmonization of community semantics or, at least, establishing a community process for semantics management, is recognized. This OpenSpace? discussion is targeting this issue for further progress.

The broader scope of this discussion is titled OpenBioSemantics rather than simply Ontology.


Summary of Day 1 Discussions (11th Feb. Afternoon AcademyHills?)

Preliminary Observations

Cathedral versus the Bazaar: the global community of bioinformatics are struggling with the issue of semantics, and various formalisms are currently being used to capture such semantics, i.e.

* Object models: expressed in UML (e.g. OMG style "Model Driven Architecture" using Unified Modeling Language (UML)) * Ontology initiatives ** OBO format driven: e.g. Gene Ontology (GO), Sequence Ontology (SO), etc. ** OWL format initiatives: OBI * XML Schema driven languages: EMBRACE, BioCase/Tapir?, etc. * Common Database Schemata and Queries: BioSQL, Generic Model Organism (GMOD) Chado, International Crop Information System?, etc.