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Open Bio* workgroup

I would like to overview about the current supports and implementations of web services in every Open Bio* libraries (BioPerl, BioPython, BioRuby and BioJava) and hope to discuss about:

  • What can be done with the Open Bio* projects to support interoperability?
    • Is it worth trying to mapping BioMOBY data objects (BioMOBY triplets) to Bio* library specific data strucuture?
    • Why not use complexType in SOAP to automate object creation?
    • Could a webservice be defined to allow Bio* interoperability? This would require a common exchange format. Possibly one of the XML formats used by NCBI or EBI. Could a webservice backed by BioSQL provide and persist objects in this format?
  • What part should be done in the web service provider's side and what part left should be treated with Open Bio* libraries?
    • Format exchange, job management, sequence manipulation ...
  • What fraction of the bioinfomatics field is covered by current Open Bio* library and of which what fraction is covered with web services?