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BioHackathon 2008

Towards integrated web service in life science with Open Bio* libraries.


  • Standardizing the objects and methods in bioinformatics web services.


  • Candidate places:
    1. Tokyo, Japan
    2. Yokohama, Japan
    3. Kyoto, Japan
  • Candidate dates:
    1. 2008/02/10-02/16
    2. 2008/01/27-02/02
    3. 2008/02/03-02/09


If you could recommend any appropriate persons from the following groups, please let me know:

  • NCBI web service developers
  • BioMOBY service developers (I found some interesting providers in Spain)
  • BioPerl?, BioPython?, and BioJava? developers

Starting Points

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.