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BioHackathon 2008

Towards integrated web service in life science with Open Bio* libraries.


-- Standardizing the objects and methods in bioinformatics web services --

The number of web service providers in bioinformatics field is increasing year by year. In theory, these services are interoperable and independent from computer langugages. However, each service uses their own definition of the data types and naming convensions for the methods. Moreover, these services are often not usable by specific languages (partly, due to the lack of compliance of the SOAP/WSDL specification in the langauge's library). This situation prevents these services to be popularized for and used in combination by end users as a infrastructure of the daily research. The BioMOBY project has been tried to overcome the circumstances by defining ontologies for data types and methods used in the services. But the set of data types and methods gathered in BioMOBY are redundant and complicated to generate typical workflows for end users. Besides, some of the major service providers are not included yet. Thus, we believe gathering all web service providers and Open Bio* library developers to disucuss about the standardization of objects and methods among web services and programming languages must benefit usability and interoperability for the life science in the next era.


  • Candidate places:
    1. Tokyo, Japan
    2. Yokohama, Japan
    3. Kyoto, Japan
  • Candidate dates:
    1. 2008/02/10-02/16
    2. 2008/01/27-02/02
    3. 2008/02/03-02/09


If you could recommend any appropriate persons from the following groups, please let me know:

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